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Welcome to the February 2015 Issue
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Hadassah International establishes the Hadassah International Israel Board of Trustees

Members of the Hadassah International Israel Board of Trustees at their first meeting.

Lower row: Meir Dalumi; Melissa Kaplan, Executive Director, Hadassah International; Prof. Tami Peret,z Interim Director, Hadassah Medical Center; Erez Meltzer, Chair HMO Board of Directors; Marcie Natan, National President, Hadassah; Dr. Tali Eichenwald-Dvir; Moishe Sandler, President Hadassah International; Narda Ben Zvi; Avraham (NOVO) Novogrotzki; Shaul Biterman; Yigal Marcus; Meir Mark, Director, Hadassah International- Israel.
Higher row: Israel Rosenberg;  Matan Caspi; Zvi Zand; Natan Barak; Efraim Biderman; Eli Wagner;  Menachem Granit; Avraham Kuznitzki; Major General (res) Oren Shachor; Danny Koller;  Daniel Sapir;  Yedidya Loewenthal.

Hadassah International has established, for the first time, the Hadassah International Israel Board of Trustees, whose members include senior businessmen and leading figures in Israeli society and the business community, including Rami Levi, Ilan Rajuan, Joe Schwebel, and Haim Freilichman.

The President of Hadassah International, Mexican businessman Moshe Sandler, stated: "The Hadassah organization has been an inseparable part of Zionism, the history and the future of the State of Israel for over 100 years. The organization helped and supported the State of Israel through good times and difficult times, and will continue to do so. It is therefore natural to establish a board of trustees in Israel as a part of the Hadassah International Community. We attribute great importance to this board of trustees, and are certain that its contribution to the advancement of the Hadassah Medical Center, which is the heart of Jerusalem, will be significant."

The members of the board of trustees, who convened this week for the first time, will contribute their knowledge and extensive managerial experience to the advancement and development of the Hadassah Medical Center, which is among Israel's leading institutions.

The members will also assist the advancement of the Hadassah Medical Center's research and development program in terms of both the infrastructure and the business development of the Center, with the purpose of leading the hospital forward.

The board of trustees will convene several times a year and deal with the important issues on the Medical Center's agenda.

Members of the board of trustees are:

1.     Rami Levi, founder of Rami Levi Chain Stores Hashikma Marketing

2.     Joe Schwebel, owner of Zara and Gap in Israel

3.     Moti Ganz, chairman of the Israel Diamond Institute

4.     Haim Freilichman, former CEO of Union Bank of Israel

5.     Yishai Fraenkel, CEO of Intel Jerusalem

6.     Ilan Rajuan, businessman

7.     Avraham Kuznitsky, owner and CEO of Minrav

8.     Reem Aminoach, head of the Shtainmetz Aminoach & Co. accounting firm and former financial advisor to the IDF Chief of Staff

9.     Abraham Novogrodsky, CEO of Africa Israel

10.  Natan Barak, recipient of the Israel Defense Prize and developer of the Iron Dome command and control systems

11.  Meir and Inbal Dalumi, owners of the Dalumi Group

12.  Shaul Bitterman, businessman

13.  Dr. Taly Eichenwald Dvir, Deputy Dean of the IDC School of Business

14.  Efraim Biderman, owner of Mezuda Insurance Agency

15.  Zvi Sand, entrepreneur

16.  Uzi Rosenberg, owner of USR

17.  Jon Medved, founder of the OurCrowd investment fund

18.  Narda Ben Zvi, attorney, senior partner at CBLS Law Offices

19.  Yigal Marcus, CEO of Bernstein Israel

20.  Daniel Sapir, CEO of Tikshoov

21.  Yedidya Loewenthal, attorney, founder of the Loewenthal and Co. law firm

22.  Major General (ret.) Oren Shachor, chairman of ICC Israel

23.  Menachem Granit, CEO of TNUFA Authority of the Ministry of Construction and Housing

24.  Dan Koller, Bank Hapoalim Deputy CEO

25.  Matan Caspi, CEO of Rayzone Group

26.  Yitzhak Lax, chairman of Amidar

27.     Eli Wagner, businessman

28.     Israel Rosenberg, attorney, founder and head of the ROSAK law firm.

Senior Urologist, Prof.  Ofer Grofit  takes Hadassah International Israel Trustees on a  tour of the  underground Operating Rooms in the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower.

Majd Abu Diab, a Palestinian from a wealthy family, chose to participate in Israel's National Service by cheering up patients in the Physiotherapy Department at the Hadassah Medical Center.

Researchers at the Hadassah Medical Center and Hebrew University have found that the most common form of white blood cells, called neutrophils, contain at least three distinct subtypes. Some fight the development of cancer, while others provide a hospitable environment for their growth.

Oramed Pharmaceuticals Inc., focused on the development of oral drug delivery systems including an oral insulin pill based on Hadassah Medical Center research, has received a patent from the Israel Patent Office for its invention, "Methods and Compositions for Oral Administrations of Exenatide."

A new study has shown what Hadassah has known for a long time -- medical clowns do help kids suffer less pain during tests.

For nearly half a year, Miri Eliahu could not speak; her voice became a squeak that frightened her grandchildren. Then she found her way to the Hadassah Medical Center's Voice Clinic and within 81 minutes, her voice was back.

The Linda Joy Pollin Cardiovascular Wellness (LJPCW) Center for Women at the Hadassah Medical Center is actively engaged in basic science and clinical research concerning gender health issues, as well as advocacy for gender health equity in research and treatment.

Prof. Engelhard in Kosovo

Prof. Engelhard in Uganda

Prof. Engelhard treats patient in Uganda
A pioneer in the Hadassah Medical Center's medical outreach to countries in need around the world, Prof. Dan Engelhard, the soft-spoken head of Pediatric Infectious Diseases and the Pediatric AIDS Center at Hadassah, began his foray into medicine through the Israel Defense Forces' Army Reserve Program.

Mrs. Akie Abe was accompanied by Mrs. Kaori Matsutomi, the wife of the Japanese ambassador to Israel, as she visited patients in the Hadassah Pediatric wards.

As part of a visit to Israel to learn about the health system, 25 professors and department heads from China visited Hadassah's Ein Kerem Hospital campus. The doctors came from medical centers in China's major cities.

Hadassah International
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