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Welcome to the Summer 2014 Issue
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Hadassah International has voiced concern and support for the safety of the people of Israel.

Hadassah International has voiced concern and support for the safety of the people of Israel. Moishe Sandler, Hadassah International President, released the following statement:

At times of unrest in Israel, Hadassah International supports the people of Israel and affirms its support for peace and security in the Middle East. We assert our unwavering support for Israel's sovereignty and security and renew our calls for the Palestinian Authority to comply with their commitments and denounce these attacks.

The country and the people of Israel need our help, support and prayers at this critical moment.

Hadassah is doing everything we can as we now focus much of our resources – in Israel and across the globe – to meet their necessities. With one of the most renowned trauma centers worldwide, Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) is prepared and waiting to serve the medical needs of all patients – Jewish or otherwise – and to do its part to provide a place of peace, healing and safety, at a time of grave concern.

Our priorities at this moment are providing unparalleled medical care for those in need, as well as protecting HMO staff and patients. We will do whatever we can to bring a sense of calm to our family in Israel.

May we all know only peace in the coming weeks.

Dear Friends,

A missile attack in southern Israel
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Last night rockets fell three miles from our hospital in Ein Kerem, Jerusalem.

Israeli Defense Forces are preparing for a land invasion and 40,000 reservists have been called up. Among them are dozens of our doctors, nurses and medical technicians. Jerusalem is tense, but morale is high.

Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) is mobilizing for an influx of casualties from the greater Jerusalem area, though we pray there will be few. As a tertiary care hospital, we are also prepared to receive wounded soldiers and civilians who might be air lifted from more distant areas.

Our below-ground Surgical Center at the Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower is not yet fully equipped and furnished, but it stands ready if patients must be moved out of harm's way. The five below-ground floors are fortified against conventional, chemical and biological weapons.

I know I speak for every one of you when I say that our hearts, our thoughts and our prayers are with the Israeli people today.

But sometimes thoughts and prayers are not enough. We need to be practical, and ready for any eventuality. We are asking you today to ensure that HMO has the resources it needs to service the people of Israel.

Please donate today

Your generosity built the premier medical organization in the Middle East. Today it must be prepared for any situation. Your donation makes a difference.





Moishe Sandler, President Hadassah International

Interim results from Israel's BrainStorm Cell Therapeutics' Phase IIa stem cell clinical trial, conducted at the Hadassah Medical Center for the treatment of amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), are promising.

The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has approved the start of multi-center Phase II clinical trials in the United States to treat amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) with adult stem cell technology first introduced by the Hadassah Medical Center's Prof. Dimitrios Karussis, Senior Neurologist and head of Hadassah's Multiple Sclerosis Center.

A study by the Hadassah Medical Center's heart specialists has revealed that increased levels of thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH) are correlated with "worse clinical outcome" in patients suffering from heart failure. "Thyroid imbalance," they report, "confers significant risk in heart failure and warrants attention."

BioLineRx Ltd. has received approval from the Israeli Ministry of Health to commence a Phase 1 trial for BL-8040, a novel treatment for mobilizing stem cells from the bone marrow for treating acute myeloid leukemia, as well as other hematological malignancies. The study is expected to begin during the third quarter of 2014 at the Hadassah Medical Center.

Principal Investigator Dr. Rinat Abramovitch of the Hadassah Medical Center's Goldyne Savad Institute of Gene Therapy has been awarded a grant from the European Society of Anesthesiology (ESA) for her work regarding the beneficial effect of using fresh blood for transfusions in surgery patients.

Unlike countries where couples often spend their entire life savings trying to conceive a child with the help of expensive medical intervention such as in vitro fertilization (IVF), Israel provides free IVF until a woman has two babies or reaches age 45.

Professor Orly Elpeleg, a genetics authority at Jerusalem's Hadassah Hospital has been sharing her knowledge on children's medical disorders with leading Melbourne doctors this week at a conference run by Australian-Israeli medical research initiative AUSiMED.

To gain a greater understanding of the radiation therapy and support that pediatric cancer patients receive at the Hadassah Medical Center, psychologists, social workers, and rehabilitation nurses from ALYN Woldenberg Family Hospital, Israel's only pediatric and adolescent rehabilitation facility, visited Hadassah for an in-depth briefing and tour.

In the new Neurosurgery Intensive Care Unit in the Hadassah Medical Center's Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower, three patients recuperate!

Hadassah's Experimental School (HES), which provides hospitalized children of all ages and backgrounds with an education in its unique hospital-based school, has been honored with Israel's National Education Award by the Ministry of Education.

Thanks to advocacy by the Hadassah Medical Center's Linda Joy Pollin Cardiovascular Wellness Center, women's heart health took center stage in Israel's Knesset, with a special hearing in its Committee for the
Status of Women and General Equality.

A Hadassah team of specialists led by Dr. Irene Anteby, the Director of Pediatric Ophthalmology at Hadassah Medical Center, is reaching out to the community to offer information about preventing and treating Amblyopia, the common eye disorder which results in developing abnormal vision in infancy, affecting thousands of children.

The exclusive International Society of Orthopaedic Centers (ISOC) has announced that it is expanding its membership to include one center in the Middle East: the Hadassah Medical Center.

Dr. Donna Zfat-Zwas, Director of the Hadassah Medical Center's Linda Joy Pollin Cardiovascular Wellness Center for Women, joined her team on a visit to two Palestinian East Jerusalem schools recently to see how well the Center's heart health message is playing out among the children and their mothers.

Prof. Eitan Kerem, world-renowned cystic fibrosis specialist and head of the Hadassah Medical Center's Division of Pediatrics, has been awarded the European Cystic Fibrosis Society (ECFS)'s 2014 prize for his outstanding work in CF.

Trained as medical musicians, Guitarist Navot Ben Barak and Flutist Avshalom Eshel, of the Haverut Organization, perform music at a patient's bedside in an effort to enhance their healing.

When on October 6, World-renowned Mathematician Prof. David Kazhdan was run over by a truck while biking with his son, Eli, in Jerusalem, "his condition was so dire that in many medical centers in the world he wouldn't have been revived," relates Prof. Yoram Weiss, Medical Director of the Hadassah Medical Center.

On the eighth annual "Good Deeds Day" in Israel--a day dedicated to performing good deeds on behalf of others—volunteers visited various departments at the Hadassah Medical Center to uplift the patients' spirits.

I cannot begin to tell you how thankful I am that the Hadassah Hospital services the area that I live in. Hadassah, its various volunteers and its staff have been incredible. Even during the recent strike I received the most amazing treatment and care.

I was at home on Kibbutz Tzorah when the chest pain started. I am grateful that my wife insisted that we go to the Kupat Cholim center. They gave me an ECG and immediately called the ambulance to take me to Hadassah Hospital, because with the Hadassah trained EMS and specially equipped ambulances, the treatment for my heart attack started the moment that the ambulance arrived.

As his "day job," Prof. Alex Margulis heads the Hadassah Medical Center's Pediatric Plastic Surgery and Craniofacial Unit, where children born with birth defects or injured in terrorist attacks are given a new lease on life. At the same time, Prof. Margulis, at age 47, is still active in the Shayetet 13 Reserves, Israel's Navy Seals Special Forces.

When a 41-year-old father of ten was not feeling well, he went to his local hospital, but was released because the doctors found nothing wrong.  On his way home, however, he had a massive stroke.

To bridge the gaps between pediatric emergency room and community medical care, Hadassah's Emergency Room (ER) chiefs reached out to neighborhood physicians and medics to share information and initiate a dialogue.

Prof. Joseph Borman, Hadassah Medical Center cardiothoracic surgeon, who performed Israel's first heart transplant, tells the story of his personal and professional life in a newly published autobiography, entitled Open Hearts: Memoirs of a Cardiac Surgeon.

The Middle Eastern sounds and rhythms of the Salametcom Debka Dance Group regularly raise the spirits of pediatric patients and their families at the Hadassah Medical Center.

In cooperation with the World Health Organization (WHO)'s "No Smoking Day 2014," the Hadassah Medical Center's employees and visitors received up-to-date information about the negative health effects of smoking as well as advice on therapeutic interventions to help them delete this habit from their lives.

Jerusalem hosted an international symposium on June 8th dealing with inherited diseases of the pancreas, organized by Prof. Michael Wilschanski, Director of Hadassah's Pediatric Gastroenterology Unit, along with Prof. Markus M. Lerch of Greifswald University Hospital, Germany, and Prof. David C. Whitcomb of the University of Pittsburgh, PA.

It is with regret that the Board of Hadassah Medical Organization (HMO) has accepted the resignation of Director General Avigdor Kaplan. Professor Tamar Peretz, head of the oncology division with more than two decades of experience leading the Sharett Institute of Oncology, will serve as interim Director General of HMO.

As part of the Hadassah Medical Center's ART-Joy-Love project in Uganda, devoted to helping orphans with HIV/AIDS, Hadassah's health professionals once again traveled to Uganda for a multi-layered outreach to the population of several islands in Uganda that have extremely high rates of AIDs infection.

"Seven years ago, I looked out the window and saw rocks and thorns and dirt, said Prof. Eitan Kerem, Director of the Hadassah Medical Center's Division of Pediatrics, at the June 22nd dedication of the Jack and Robert Smorgon Families Foundation Healing and Environmental Garden. "Today," he continued, "we have grass and flowers and a pirate ship and a vegetable garden for our small patients and their families."

"You are in the best place in the world, where everyone cares for your son," HE Prof. Dr. Marie Bashir, Governor of New South Wales, Australia, told the mother of Baby Ali in Arabic, during her recent visit to the Hadassah Medical Center. The mother responded, "I know."

Pope arrives at Hadassah Mount Scopus


During his trip to Jerusalem, Pope Francis landed at the helipad at the Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus.
He was welcomed by Dr. Osnat Levtzion-Korach, the Director of the Hadassah Hospital on Mount Scopus, and a choir of Israeli children sang for him.

One writer reviews the fascinating peace amidst intersections of race, gender and religion that happen at our hospitals.

Continuing Education Program available to Physicians and Nurses around the world

The Hadassah National Physicians Council and the Hadassah National Center for Nurses Councils are pleased to announce that you may now register for our continuing education program in Jerusalem, "From Concept to Cure", November 2-6, 2014. A unique feature of this year's program will be parallel tracks for the physicians and nurses. We are anticipating a very exciting program and the preliminary agendas for both tracks are attached. We encourage you to join us on what will be a wonderful opportunity to learn from our Hadassah Medical Organization colleagues.

To see the Agenda for the Physicians, please click here.

To see the Agenda for the Nurses, please click here.

To register and to receive additional information, please visit the live link

or call 888-811-2812. Please do not hesitate to contact us personally if we may be of assistance in making your plans.

Karen Ezrine, MD                                   Ann Karty, MD                                      
                       Co-Chairs, Hadassah National Physicians Council Co-Chairs  

Rita Lourie, MSN, MPH, RN                      Dianne Gottlieb CNM, MSN                   
                      Co-Chairs, Hadassah National Center for Nurses Councils

As academic institutions, the Hadassah University Medical Center and the Charité University Hospital have agreed to work closely on the advancement of teaching and research. With the emphasis on pediatrics and the neurosciences, the hospitals will work to strengthen and intensify scientific contacts in order to "build a healthy world together."

Although Oleksandr Huch and Arten Zapototskyi did not know each other in their homeland of Ukraine, today they are roommates on the fifth floor of the Hadassah Medical Center's Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower.

During a recent visit to Israel, British Prime Minister David Cameron, accompanied by Israel's President, Shimon Peres, viewed an exhibition showcasing collaborative stem-cell research between the UK and the Hadassah Medical Center.

AUSiMED (Australia/Israel Medical Research) successfully ran its first international collaborative research symposium in Melbourne between Australian and Israeli researchers on 13 and 14 May this year. The paediatric research symposium brought together top researchers from the Murdoch Childrens Research Institute (MCRI) in Melbourne and the Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem.

Sally and David Abadi, ardent supports of Israel and of Hadassah, finally had the chance to visit Jerusalem – and the Hadassah Medical Organization – with their family this past fall. They flew from Panama City, where they reside, to Ben - Gurion Airport with their five young children, each of whom have their manes etched on the walls of the new Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower.

"When we walked into Hadassah, the diversity of people within the hospital--both patients and professionals--was striking," report three Stanford (CA) University students, who spent their college winter break on a campus leaders mission to Israel, where they were impressed by patients and staff at the Hadassah Medical Center.

Register now for the "Hadassah Sommer-Cocktail 2014 München"

Come join Hadassah Wellington members and friends for a special screening of the Award Winning movie, The Human Resources Manager on July 27th.

A Hadassah supporter and football enthusiast in the United Kingdom employs a creative way to amass his contribution to the cause: he bets that his local team--Manchester City--will win and he also bets on the Manchester United team losing.

Under the patronage of Prince Alexander zu Schaumburg Lippe, Hadassah International created an environment where, for the first time, three artists from three different nations could perform on one stage, working together for peace between countries and building bridges for future peace.

The 4th Christian Health Congress took place from March 26-29th in Bielefeld, Germany.

On March 11th 2014 Hadassah Germany invited all its supporters to a Hadassah Donor Celebration.

Researchers from the Murdoch Children's Research Institute (MCRI) and Hadassah Hospital in Jerusalem met in Melbourne for the first major pediatric research symposium organized by AUSiMED, a medical research initiative between Australia and Israel.

Judith Epstein, the Hadassah International Ambassador to the United Nations in Geneva, invited several friends, including Dr. Charlotte Knobloch and Regine Sixt, to join her for a special "Shopping, Champagne & Charity" event in the TORY BURCH store in Munich.

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