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Hadassah On Alert: Operation Protective Edge

Dear Friends,

The fighting in Gaza has intensified. IDF soldiers and tanks are on the ground there, rooting out Hamas tunnels. We mourn those who have died in recent days.

Wounded Israeli soldiers are being airlifted from Gaza to HMO's trauma center in Jerusalem. Because of our world-renowned trauma physicians, the soldiers are alive and recovering.


25 soldiers are currently hospitalized at HMO. Unfortunately, the number grows every day.

8 more wounded soldiers arrived at Hadassah Medical Organization's shock trauma unit this morning.

2 are in intensive care.

9 are in the orthopedics unit.

14 are in the ophthalmology, maxillofacial, ear-nose-throat, surgery and neurosurgery units.

70 HMO physicians, nurses and staff have been mobilized by the Israel Defense Forces.

53 more have had a spouse called up.

We cannot wait. Hadassah Medical Organization needs all of the support we can give in this time of crisis. We must ensure that the hospital staff has the equipment, supplies and assistance they need for Israel's soldiers and civilians.

This is our hospital. These are our patients. Extraordinary times need extraordinary resources.

Please give today. And please give generously.

Israel Needs Hadassah, Hadassah Needs You.

Hoping for peace soon,



Moishe Sandler, President, Hadassah International

President-elect and Jerusalem mayor visit wounded soldiers in Hadassah Hospital

By DANIEL K. EISENBUD Jerusalem Post

President elect  Reuven Rivlin Photo: MARC ISRAEL SELLEM

In an act of solidarity with wounded IDF soldiers, President-elect Reuven Rivlin and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat visited eight of the wounded and their families at Hadassah University Medical Center in Jerusalem's Ein Kerem.

While the press was prohibited from joining the leaders, according to joint statements issued shortly afterward, the soldiers were in stable condition, in good spirits and spoke at length with both men. "I left my visit today thrilled with our soldiers," said Rivlin in a statement. "We have wonderful youth who want peace but also understand that we should still protect our country from those who are unwilling to accept our right to exist."

The president-elect continued: "We have not declared war war was declared on us and our soldiers know this. This war is a just war in the eyes of our soldiers and this is the most important thing." Indeed, according to Rivlin, during his encounter with the wounded soldiers he sensed a "deep understanding" of the importance of the campaign.

"They understand that despite the desire to live in peace, it is also necessary to fight now to avoid war for their younger siblings," he said. "Most of the soldiers did not refer to the political issue of whether war is necessary or not they realize that they must do the job." "They want the war to end so their children will not have to experience the inferno they are inside," he said.

In a statement Barkat echoed Rivlin's sentiments."I am thrilled by the greatness, fighting spirit and tenacity of the fighters in their mission to protect the people of Israel," he said.

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